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Take advantage of the rake back we offer you


Rakeback poker

The rake is the small amount or more specifically, the percentage charged by the poker room every time you play. Usually, it is about 5% of the amount you are playing apart from the buy-in you paid. The term rake back is then the way the online poker room rewards your loyalty with a small amount taken from the rake you have paid, as bonus. This means, the room gives your rake back. Similar to the rake, the rake back is presented as a percentage of the total rake amount you have paid to the room. Most of the case, it is around 30% but other online poker rooms can give you more. You can find regularly the names of those rooms by visiting

The rakeback is for players who are keen on playing poker in a regular way and with valuable amount. Professional players often pay attention to this kind of bonus that can have a very good impact in their earnings at the end of the game or poker tournaments. The payment of rake back is done automatically. You can find the conditions imposed by the rooms and the full list of online poker websites offering this rake back on
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